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Thread: Dealing with debt - Will HMV survive?

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    Dealing with debt - Will HMV survive?

    HMV - the last music retailer left on the British high street - is struggling to [URL="http://blogs.findlaw.co.uk/solicitor/2011/01/dealing-with-debt-can-hmv-survive.html"]deal with debt[/URL].

    Debts reported in excess of 150 million, financial advisors called in, share prices tumbling and stores set to close around the country.

    Is the chain set to go the way of Woolworths and disappear from our streets forever?

    Can HMV recover from such huge debt?

    Would you miss the music chain and is online retailing now the future?

    Share your views here in the Findlaw Community, the premier place for UK legal information.
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