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Thread: statutory demand

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    Question statutory demand

    If I sent by registered post a statutory demand on the 28th February , and have in mind it was a leap year , when would the latest date be for the company to be allowed to put in an application notice for an interim injunction against the demand . In addition when would the statutory demand be deemed served if sent on the 28th by registered post ?
    Appreciate any advice .

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    Hi, Litigant in Person.
    Beware. Although a Statutory Demand can get a company's attention, their normal response is to apply for an injunction to stop you from taking the next step. You will have to appear in The High Court (or hire a Barrister) to show why you should be allowed to issue a statutory demand, the next step would be to apply to strike out your defence or claim or any evidence ( they can usually afford experienced barristers ) If you get to the final steps (21 days later) you will need to pay The Receivers Deposits (1100) or thereabouts. You will need to appear in court many times (this is often because they know you will "Just drop it")

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