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Thread: Bouncer attack

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    Bouncer attack

    Hello, I was out one night with a friend, and i don't usually drink but i decided to go out with him because of a concert being held at the pub so we arrived and everything was fine
    until the early hours of the following morning which at this time my friend and I were intoxicated and we were standing inside of the building but out of the concert area and we were smoking ciggarettes.
    at this time a bouncer had approached me and us took a look at all of us and grabbed me violently by the both collars of my shirt and forcefully pulled me right to the top a case of stairs which i then asked him what hes doing he responded youre smoking and shoved me down the stairs which then another bouncer came up and took me from the stairs threw me to the ground floor, then picked me up by my arm and shoulder and repeatedly slammed my head into a wall about three times until i lost consiousness , the ambulance had then arrived and woke me up took me to the hospital,
    which then found out I had a broken rib and bruising all over my body .

    The police who has been speaking with me about this matter is very persistent that i am in the wrong by smoking and is very intimidating. when i speak with him i feel that he wants to criminalize me.
    After giving him the statement i get a ring back from him telling me that he has interviewed both of the bouncers and the result is that the the second bouncer got a simple caution and the initial bouncer
    denies these allegations and is making a counter allegation that i had hit him first (which is not true),
    And said that another witness has come forward saying this .I dont understand if he is trying to scare me
    by telling me this??He also said that he is sending it to crown courts.

    There is cctv footage and two of my friends were there with me as witnesses
    Should my solicitor have already got this CCTV Footage??
    Am i going to have to go to court??

    The pub where it took place has cameras and the police who is working on this told me that there is footage of me smoking, the bouncer pushing me down the stairs, and the other bouncer slamming me into the wall

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    If the CCTV exists (and the police have have the recordings) you MUST get a copy!. The fact that one of the bouncers was cautioned "PROVES" he is guilty of something. It sounds like you are not getting the service you deserve from the police. Search the internet for freelancers and search these sites for Private Prosecutions. You can (with the help of a freelance prosecutor) Summons the bouncers (and the management) and possibly even the police officers for many different offences.

    A Private Prosecutor.
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