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Thread: civil court?

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    civil court?


    long story short. i committed a crime while at work over a period if a few months (taking cash), got csught, arrested, dismissed from the job, taken to court were i pleaded guilty and got 100hrs community service and a fine if 500.The court took onto consideration the fact i was unemployed, privatly renting with basically no assets and on jobseekers allowance.
    I assumed that was that. now, i get a letter through the post from i assume the companies laywers saying their taking me to civil court for the full (estimated) amount i stole, plus expencises equaling almost 1300. regarding the 500 fine, im paying 10 a week as ordered by the court, and have about 380 left to pay, as im currently claiming jobseekers allowance.

    I ask you fine people.What should i do? ive no idea how to go about this and i dont want to make any stupid mistakes(again). so please, if anyone could advise me on what i should do i will be deeply grateful.
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