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Thread: Recruitment company sent my CV to my current employer

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    Recruitment company sent my CV to my current employer

    Relevant to UK law...

    I have basically been looking for a new role for a couple of months and had been asking a few recruitment companies to inform me of any roles that may interest me.

    One of the top companies consultants had informed me that he would market my details to companies that I may be interested in.

    The following week I get called over to my managers desk where he showed me an email from the same consultant, stating that he may be interested in a candidate he has on his books and please find attached the CV. My manager opens the attachment and it is my CV (without my personal details).

    I was so shocked. I am really angry at the recruitment company about the way they handled the situation. the consultant knew who I was working for so I have no idea why you would send it out to the company. I am very cagey at work now, i have worked hard to build a good relationship with my current employers and have a good reputation within the company but the fact this has come out, i feel, has ruined my reputation within the company.

    My question is, will I be able to claim anything from the recruitment company for any sort of negligence or damages. I feel that I have a case but wasn't sure if there was anything legally that the recruitment companies have to abide by.

    Thanks in advance,

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    First of all, you will have (I assume) signed some form of contract with the recruitment company to allow them to search for potential employers. You may have to look/request this and read it in more detail to see exactly what it states.

    The above is important because it may confirm whether the recruitment agency is liable for possible negligence, or whether or not through the signed contract you have impliedly consented to allowing the agency contact your employer, which although hugely unfortunate not necessarily negligent.

    Please advice what the position is to see whether I can advice further



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