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Thread: Mother and Step Father (classed as father) who is next of kin?

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    Mother and Step Father (classed as father) who is next of kin?

    Hi peoples

    I have a question!

    My mother and Father (step) have been togetehr for 25 years and married for 12 years. My Father is not my biological father but very much classed as it.

    If my parents died, who would be there next of Kin, My father never adopted us.

    Reason for this question is due to to fathers side of family now not communicating with us, i want to make sure that if anything does happen, my fathers wishes ( that we are only at the funeral and arranged) that we have the legal; right to this. We are there next of Kin as Son and Daughter.

    Thank you

    Becki x

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    Hi Becki,

    This blog about [URL="http://blogs.findlaw.co.uk/solicitor/2011/07/family-law-what-is-meant-by-next-of-kin.html"]next of kin[/URL] might help you understand the term. You can also read this article about [URL="http://www.findlaw.co.uk/law/estate_planning/wills/8755.html"]making a will[/URL].

    Hope this helps,

    -FindLaw Moderation Team

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