I have been resident outside the UK since 1997 when I spent approx 1 year in Thailand then approx 3 years in the USA when I returned to Thailand where I have resided since approx 12 years.
I have not resided with my wife for that period. I did though continue to support her until 2002 when I returned to Thailand but the position did not exist I was therefore unemployed for about 2 years. During which time I received a letter from a lawyer stating that my wife was petitioning for divorce on the grounds of desertion. I have had no contact for quite some time and no longer know where she resides.
I believe I certainly qualify for divorce under the 5 year seperation terms. How do I proceed without incurring large bills which I cannot afford. Can it be done in absentia IE fron Thailand?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Kind Regards,

James Kelly.