Hi everyone here ,

I am the main applicant for tier-1.
I entered in the UK in July 2008 and made an extension for five years will be ended by JULY 2013.
I have got a written simple police caution in the case of domestic violence .

These are the common points I would like to share,
I have recently checked my CRB as my job is related to SIA industry .

It is recorded in CRB report that contains,
-Destroy or damage property (Value of damage 5000 or less -offence against criminal damage act 1971 only).
Criminal damage Act 1971 Section (1) .Though it is recorded in CRB, I got a SIA license with the character reference letter from the resident of my community .

1.There was no physical violence and just verbal abuse and big threatens.
2.Burnt some clothes and shoes of Spouse, pictures were taken and with the police report.
3. It was happened in May,2011 after first extension.
4.We are living separately from then.My Spouse is living with two children of 10 and 14 years in a refuge with the support of Womens Aid.There is no recourse of public fund as far as I know.
5. I am covering maintenance cost of my children as per the rule.
6. We haven't got any divorce or lodged any divorce application.
6. I am going to apply for ILR next year 2013 and the month would be July.
7. She has reported to the Womens Aid that she has been abused by me for the last 14 years,but there is no evidence that I did so in the past.

This is clearly recorded on CRB record as domestic violence and children are kept separately by an agency.Its already been one year and there is no court involvement at all. .
So depending the above information, would you advise the following please .

1. Would you believe that it affects my ILR and citizenship ??
2. I am going to apply for my wife and kids though we are living separately hoping for a reconciliation .Would you advise to do so ?.
3. Am I eligible to apply myself only if my spouse will make a separate application for ILR under the victim of domestic violence?
4. Can I still apply for a ILR to my kids though they are living apart from me ?

Many thanks for your help.