Hi, my neighbours have recently assembled a trampoline in their rear garden which is at least 12 feet high and I wondered if there was a requirement for this to have approval from the local planning authority. I live in Wales. The trampoline has been assembled and moved against our wall (we're semi-detached) so the respective users can see straight into our rear lounge and kitchen as well as the garden even though their garden is large enough to accommodate the trampoline in a different position where we won't be overlooked. Annoyingly, their garden was built up by the previous owners so even before this darned contraption was assembled our neighbours could easily look over the wall whereas myself and my partner are faced with a high wall where we cannot overlook into next door's garden as our lawn is lower. Naturally I dislike the invasion of our privacy but I believe that structures which are over 6 feet high and reman assembled for more than 28 days in any calendar year are subject to planning permission. Naturally if our neighbours removed the trampoline during bad weather seasons and re-assembled for childrens parties, for example, permission would not necessarily be required. However I cannot find so far the actual regulation which states this and would be grateful for some guidance in finding it. I would at least like to ensure my facts are correct before considering any recourse with the local authority. Any thoughts, comments, signposting would be welcome. Thank you.