Hi all,

I'm new on here so please be nice !

My question is this:

how would i sue ex landlord in tort interference with goods?

After leaving the property on correct date (almost 4 months ago)following s21, we left a couple of items in the property and told landlord about them. he said he would be in touch as to when we could collect. A few days later landlord said "you can have items back when i recieve arrears" (125). The full deposit amount is in dispute with DPS.

I now know he is breaking the law holding my possesions in lieu of monies owed.

At first i was told by landlord via txt message that he sold items to help with "the large hole i left in his pocket", but after i called the police and reported this as theft, they paid him a visit and apparently the txt was to try and "shake me up" to pay the 125 arrears. The fact that he actually has not sold items means it is not a criminal offence but a civil one.

My question is how would i go about taking him to court to have items returned? Value of goods around 300 so would the costs of going to court be worth it? and how much extra damages could i claim against him if i were to sue.

thanks in advance.