Hi Folks,

My situation/context: On going legal action against Local Council for failing to repair water leak, over a period of 2+ years.

An offer was sent by the council to my solicitor on 18th December 2012 which required that I respond within 21 days. In the case that I decline the offer, I face the possibility of paying for the council's legal costs if a judge rules that I am entitled to no more than what the council had offered.

Given the timing of the offer, I have only 3 days on my hands to think about it - my solicitor was away on holiday during the Christmas/New Year and only just written to me to give my the details of the offer (I recieved it 3 days before I have to make a decision.

My Question It feels wrong to me to have to make a decision in such little time circumstances, is it reasonable to expect this of me given the circumstances. Should my solicitor be pushing for more time on my behalf to examine the offer in detail and ask questions I need to ask?

I feel I am being pressured to accept the offer,

Thanks in Advance