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Thread: Copyright Law

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    Question Copyright Law

    Hello, my name is Roger Whitcomb I have my own website dedicated to my Military Aviation Photography which is [url]www.milairpix.com[/url]
    About three years ago I was watching a programme on the History Channel and noticed that one of the images used in the programme was mine, it was used without my permission, also, a copyright notice that was on the image had been physically removed!
    I tried to get payment from the History Channel for the use of this image. After months of emails going backwards and forwards an offer of payment was made to me. I got back in touch with my contact to discuss the offer further and was informed that the Production Company had gone bankrupt. I seemed to be back at square one!
    I didn't know what to do from here so I let the matter lie but vowed I would restart my claim if I found out the programme had been retransmitted. This occurred at the end of March this year on Sky.
    I've tried contacting the History Channel via email and a letter sent recorded delivery but I've had absolutely no response, what should my next step be?
    Can anyone help? I am on benefit due to ill health so money is very restricted.

    Cheers, many thanks, Roger Whitcomb

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    Hello Roger,

    This article on [URL="http://www.findlaw.co.uk/law/small_business/intellectual_property/copyrights/copyright_for_your_business/16458.html"]copyright protection[/URL] advises people who think their intellectual property rights have being infringed to send a warning letter to the alleged infringer. It sounds like you have already done this, but you may not have spoken with a solicitor yet. You can find a quality-assured practitioner who specialises in copyright in your area for free via a solicitor referral service like [URL="http://findlaw.co.uk/find_solicitors.html"]Contact Law[/URL].

    Depending on your circumstances, a solicitor may advise commencing legal action. To read about litigation and lodging a claim for copyright infringement, visit [URL="http://www.findlaw.co.uk/law/dispute_resolution/litigation/index.html"]FindLaw’s Litigation Centre[/URL].

    You may also want to visit the following page to read tips on finding a solicitor without breaking the bank: [URL="http://www.findlaw.co.uk/find_solicitors.html"]Tips on hiring a solicitor[/URL].

    Good luck!

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